Humanize Your Brand & Find Success in Marketing
June 23 , 2015
10:00 - 11:00 a.m. CST

Every day your brand speaks. It tweets, blogs, tells stories, and has conversations. All of your employees are marketing for you, your donors are sharing about you, and your fans are raving about you. But are they all saying what you want? And how the heck do you track it all?

Join Melanie Spring, Chief Inspiration Officer of Sisarina, who will host a workshop where we throw out the marketing textbooks, stop worrying about that acronym "ROI", and get your brand talking human-to-human. Together, we’ll pretend your brand is a human and define who it is, how it connects, how it makes people feel, what it always says, and what it will never do. 

By the end of Melanie's presentation, you’ll walk away with:

- a clear brand definition

- a plan for connecting with other humans

- a list of your brand’s do’s and don'ts

- inspiration to take back to your team

- and a way to explain ROI for the brand

This is a conversation not to be missed! Please e-mail to RSVP.